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New Framed Shower Doors for Pittsburgh Home

We were called out to give service to a customer in Pittsburgh. The customer had just purchased a ‘fixer-upper’ home, and was slowly getting work done to the house. The customer wanted framed shower doors installed in the bathroom that he just had remodeled. He selected framed shower doors because the bathroom was small and they could make the bathroom appear larger than it actually was.

The Excel Glass professionals arrived on time to install the new doors and went to work. The installation was quick and successful! The crew asked the homeowner if he would like to take a look at the finished shower doors, which he did. He said that they looked great! He continued to tell the crew that he had several bids on this job, but they were too high, until he got ours. He thanked us for doing a quick and quality job at a price that within his budget.

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Emergency Shower Door Replacement in Pittsburgh

A customer in Pittsburgh called Excel Glass for an emergency shower door repair. She let us know that her current shower door fell off the hinges and she needed new doors installed as soon as possible. The Excel Glass crew arrived as soon as we could and looked over the situation. Her current shower doors were nearly thirty years old and just worn out. The hinges had some water damage, which contributed to one of the doors falling and breaking.

The crew went over many options with the customer and the shower doors that she selected were available immediately. We prepped the shower walls, then began the installation. Once the job was completed, we informed her that she could inspect our work. She said the shower doors looked fabulous! She thanked us for coming out so quickly and getting the new shower doors installed fast.

We called her a week later to see how the shower doors were and to get feedback. She said, “they are absolutely great!” The customer went on to say, “your crew did an amazing job. Each one of them worked in a professional manner. I can’t thank you and your crew enough for coming out so fast when I needed you the most. Thank you.”

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Pittsburgh Rain Shower Door Installation

Excel Glass was scheduled to install a shower door for a customer in Pittsburgh. The customer was upgrading their bathroom and wanted frameless glass doors installed. Our team went over many options with the her, along with the benefits that frameless glass doors would offer. She selected a rain glass for her shower. The team arrived promptly, as scheduled by the customer and went to work immediately. We measured the space for the door for proper alignment and removed the current traditional shower doors. Once this step was complete, the team installed the new door. The team went through all of the necessary steps for an installation, then invited the customer to look over the shower doors when we were finished. She looked over the new doors and said they looked amazing!

The Excel Glass team went over the warranty and guarantee that only our company offers and let her know if she had any problems to just give us a call and we would return. The customer thanked us for doing a great job, and an affordable rate.

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Does clear glass get dirty faster than obscure glass?

Clear glass used to be the only option in shower doors, but today obscure glass is offered. Generally, clear glass does get dirty faster because it shows water stains and soap scum easier due to its transparency. Obscure glass adds texture and acts as a camouflage to any stains since it is semi-transparent. It comes in a variety of options, including: ice, satin, glacier, bronze, cast, bubbles, or a grey effect.

Both are easy to clean with a quick wipe down or squeegee after each use. They are going to get dirty at the same rate, but the clear glass will be more noticeable in the light.

Customers can contact Excel Glass and go over the many options in both clear and obscure glass shower doors to get the perfect door for your space. Our designers and installers will work with you to create a custom design, so you have a unique, one-of-a-kind shower door that you can be proud of. Contact Excel Glass today, and let us discuss our glass shower doors with you!

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Is shower glass hard to clean? What do I need to know about cleaning it?

Shower glass doors are an excellent way to add beauty to you bathroom, but when the glass becomes dirty it can be an unwelcoming eyesore. We at Excel Glass thought it would be nice to help our customers keep their glass doors clean by offering some easy tips that we have learned over the years in the glass industry.

Tips to Clean Shower Glass Doors:

Cleaning with Vinegar: White vinegar is great in removing soap scum from glass. Dilute white vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Just add a few drops of white vinegar, then water. If the doors are wet, then take a small squeegee and remove the water, then spray with white vinegar and water from the spray bottle. If there are hard to remove scum spots, then take a sponge and wipe down the doors with mixture, then wipe with the sponge. After the white vinegar mixture is clean, then just rinse with clear water.

Baking Soda: Baking soda is excellent in removing water stains and mildew. Take a dab of baking soda and water to make a paste, then apply the paste with a sponge to the stains or mildew. Wipe down this area, then rinse.

Over the Counter Cleaners: Over the counter cleaners can be used if they are designed for shower doors. If the cleaners aren’t designed for the doors, then they can be abrasive and cause more damage. Make sure the cleaners are designed for glass doors.

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What is the most commonly used type of glass for a shower door? For a railing?

The most commonly used type of glass for shower doors is clear glass because it offers many benefits, including:

  • It is excellent for a frameless shower door, because the shower doors look to be invisible since there isn’t a frame or metal.
  • It opens up a bathroom to make it look larger. It’s great for adding light to a small,  dark space.
  • Clear glass shower doors are affordable.
  • They are easy to clean and maintain.

The most common glass used for railings is also clear. It improves the interior and overall look of any home. Even simple glass railings add appeal to any décor. They becoming extremely popular because they open up a space and add value to a home. They are also very easy to clean and maintain.

Excel Glass specializes in glass shower doors and railings. We work with our customers to create amazing look that is unique and custom made for each home. We have been offering excellence in our products and services for over seventy years. Contact us today and let us create something special for your home!

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How strong is the glass? Will it shatter?

Excel Glass provides strong, durable glass. We use 3/8” glass for our frameless shower doors. The glass is a tempered, which is the only type of glass that is by law designed for glass shower doors. It will never break into sharp pieces, but if by chance it does break, it will break into small oval pieces, which is much safer. The tempered shower glass goes through a special process of extreme heating, then cooling; this is done to make the glass stronger. The tempered glass is five time stronger than regular glass, and is why it is recommended for shower doors.

Excel Glass offers the tempered shower glass doors with different options, which include bronze, cast, bubbles, satin, and rain, ice and grey options. We also let our customers design their very own tempered shower glass doors.

The shower glass doors will only shatter if they are drilled into or if there is extreme heat in the space, such as a home fire. The extreme heat can make the shower doors shatter. Customers don’t have to worry about their shower doors shattering for any other reason. Every day normal use will have no shattering effect on the shower doors, because of the extreme process that goes into creating the shower doors.

Excel Glass offers outstanding shower doors that are durable, strong, and shatter-proof. Contact Excel Glass and let us go over the many options that we offer in our glass. If you would like more information on our glass options and services, click here!

What are the differences between frameless shower door vs. a framed?

The main difference between frameless shower door vs. a framed shower door is the frameless shower door has no metal frame around the glass. A frameless shower door is made up of a thicker tempered safety glass, which is much stronger than the framed shower door. The thickness is 3/8” to 1/2″. The price is generally cheaper for a frameless shower door, too.

A frameless glass shower door is easier to clean because there is no frame that you have to clean around; it is all glass. There isn’t any metal that soap scum and debris can get caught on and around, which means the frameless shower door is easier to clean and maintain. A frameless shower door adds beauty to any bathroom, and it offers an invisible floating appeal to the shower. This is an excellent choice to show off your tile or stone walls because they can be seen with ease. The frameless doors can open in or out and a framed shower door can only swing out.

We can custom design shower doors that are unique and perfect for your specific style. All of our work is guaranteed, to leave you with the best results possible. Contact Excel Glass and let us discuss our many frameless glass shower door options with you. We are the glass specialists in the Pittsburgh area!

How long do I have to wait to use my shower door/enclosure, or railing after it is installed?

If you have just had new glass shower doors installed or an enclosure, then we recommend that you wait twenty-four hours to use your shower. This time is required, so the silicone will cure properly, and this will give it plenty of time to dry completely.

When glass railings are installed, they can be used immediately as long as they are not touched. If you have glass railings installed on staircases, then you are able to use the stairs, but try to refrain from using the railings for twenty-four hours. This will give the silicone and caulking enough time to dry and harden. The glass railings should not be touched during this time period, to avoid tilting the glass or setting improperly.

At Excel Glass, we try to make it a simple, and quick process for our customers. We want your glass doors and railings to last, and waiting twenty four hours will ensure durability, strength and a long life.

If you are interested in glass shower doors or railings, then contact Excel Glass. We can custom design exactly what you want for your space. We have qualified technicians who specialize in glass shower doors, railings and more. You can get a full list of our services by visiting our website here:

What are the benefits of using glass for handrails and shower doors?

There are many benefits of using glass for handrails and shower doors. Some of which include:

  • Easy to maintain – The glass is easy to clean and keep looking brand new.
  • Durable – Glass is durable. The glass is thick, is strong, and long lasting.
  • Modern – Glass offers a modern appeal to a space.
  • Adds Value – Glass adds value to a home. It is one upgrade that can increase the value at an affordable price.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Glass is better for the environment, because it is recyclable.
  • Opens Up Space – Glass will make a room look larger and opens up any space.
  • Customizable – Glass can be customized. Customers can custom design their own handrails and shower doors for the look they want.
  • Affordable – Glass is affordable for any budget.

Glass hand railings bring life to a boring staircase and balcony. It opens up the space, and can provide clean lines and appeal to a home. Glass hand railings can be added to any type of home, and match any décor.

Glass shower doors come in several different options, which include; etched, clear, rain, embossed, and any custom design. They are an excellent choice, because they are durable, and they are healthier than traditional vinyl or cloth shower curtains, because traditional shower curtains can develop mold quickly, and they are hard to keep sanitized and cleaned.

If you are interested in updating your home with glass hand railings and shower doors, then Excel Glass is the glass specialists. We have been providing excellence in glass shower doors and hand railings for nearly seven decades. Contact Excel Glass, and let us assist you in designing your glass hand railings and shower doors.

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