Bathroom Mirrors Turn Pittsburgh House into Home

A flight attendant finally decided on a location to be based out of after a nice promotion that she received. She found a home that she liked and went ahead with the purchase. She didn’t care much about having a nice living room or even a kitchen since she was so constantly out of town, but she knew she would definitely want a nice bathroom to rejuvenate herself after working long hours. The home that she purchased was fairly nice, but the bathroom needed some work. She called Excel Glass and Granite to have Pittsburgh bathroom mirrors installed that suited her needs and fit with the design that she had in mind.

The Excel Glass and Granite looked over her design and she wanted a custom bathroom mirror that had polished edges and with a bronze color. Our glass specialist’s custom made the bathroom mirror and when it was done our professional installers went out to the home and installed the mirror. The customer was amazed on how precise and perfect the mirror turned out. She didn’t really expect the bathroom mirror to make such a major transformation in her bathroom. She is pleased with the custom bathroom mirror Excel Glass and Granite had provided for her, and now she looks forward to coming home, so she can relax in her new bathroom. The customer is now considering having other work done at her home and having Excel Glass and Granite assist her because we have provided her with exactly what she wanted at an affordable cost.