What are the benefits of using glass for handrails and shower doors?

There are many benefits of using glass for handrails and shower doors. Some of which include:

  • Easy to maintain – The glass is easy to clean and keep looking brand new.
  • Durable – Glass is durable. The glass is thick, is strong, and long lasting.
  • Modern – Glass offers a modern appeal to a space.
  • Adds Value – Glass adds value to a home. It is one upgrade that can increase the value at an affordable price.
  • Environmentally Friendly https://www.excelglass.com/benefits-using-glass-handrails-shower-doors/ – Glass is better for the environment, because it is recyclable.
  • Opens Up Space – Glass will make a room look larger and opens up any space.
  • Customizable – Glass can be customized. Customers can custom design their own handrails and shower doors for the look they want.
  • Affordable – Glass is affordable for any budget.

Glass hand railings bring life to a boring staircase and balcony. It opens up the space, and can provide clean lines and appeal to a home. Glass hand railings can be added to any type of home, and match any décor.

Glass shower doors come in several different options, which include; etched, clear, rain, embossed, and any custom design. They are an excellent choice, because they are durable, and they are healthier than traditional vinyl or cloth shower curtains, because traditional shower curtains can develop mold quickly, and they are hard to keep sanitized and cleaned.

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