Architect and Designer Calls Us for Their Pittsburgh Glass Company

Not too long ago, Excel Glass and Granite was contacted by a designer in Pittsburgh. A trendy new restaurant that was opening soon called us for some custom work. The designer was hired by the owner and she let us know upfront that their new restaurant was going to be upscale, modern, and needed only the best glass available. We assured them that we are one of the top glass companies in Pittsburgh, and the designer of the restaurant was thrilled that we would be able to meet their needs.

The Excel Glass and Granite professionals met with the designer at the location where the restaurant would be opening up. The designer walked us through the business and explained that she was wanting glass handrails, interior glass doors, and new storefront glass. We went over a variety of options with each glass and the designer selected what she wanted, and our designers worked with the restaurant designer to come together to provide what would look the best for the business. We let the designer know that every glass product would be custom made for her client and our trained and qualified installers would do all the installations, because we don’t subcontract our work. We were on a tight schedule, but we were able to deliver and install the glass that was ordered. Once it was all installed the designer praised the entire Excel Glass and Granite team for doing an outstanding job. The owner of the new restaurant came to see the restaurant once it had all the new glass installed and he said he was very impressed and pleased that Excel Glass and Granite is the best glass companies Pittsburgh businesses can trust.

Murrysville Shower Door Provides Elegance to Renovated Bathroom

A concerned parent realized she could save money and help the environment if she had different fixtures installed in her bathroom. Since she and her husband had basically done about half the work on a bathroom remodel, they decided to call Excel Glass and Granite to install a new Murrysville shower door for their home. The Excel Glass and Granite team met with the couple at their home to discuss different shower door options.

Our team discussed the difference between frameless and framed shower doors. The couple was leaning towards having frameless shower doors installed, so we let them know the benefits of them. We remarked that these doors doesn’t require any framework to keep the shower doors in place, and they are easy to maintain while providing elegannce and value to any home. The couple decided this is what they wanted so we offered options in the glass, which included etched, embossed, rain, and clear. The couple wanted to have rain glass installed for their shower. We measured the area, then let the couple know that as soon as the doors were done our professional installers would schedule the installation. The Excel Glass and Granite installers returned to the home to install the frameless shower doors and when they were finished the couple was very impressed and happy with the look of their new bathroom. They said their bathroom looks just like a spa and they were happy that they called Excel Glass and Granite for the best shower doors in Murrysville.

New Store Need Top Cranberry Glass Companies

Our Excel Glass and Granite experts were contacted by a manager of a new furniture store in Cranberry. The manager of the location called us because we serve as one of the best glass companies in Cranberry Township. Since we are an excellent provider of commercial glass services, installing several dividers and glass walls for displays was no problem for us. The manager explained that the owner wanted the storefront glass to have commercial glazing and that the store front should look sophisticated and professional. We scheduled a consultation with the manager at his location, so we could go over options and provide superior glass services for this customer.

The Excel Glass and Granite team arrived at the business and the manager greeted us with enthusiasm. He explained that the owner wanted the current storefront glass replaced with a commercially glazed glass, then the owner wanted several glass walls so he could set up different furniture displays with transparent dividers. It was important to our customer that the store flow naturally. Our glass designers measured each area, then let the customer know that as soon as the glass was created by our specialists we would return for the installation. The Excel Glass and Granite team returned under two weeks to have the installation done and each of the glass projects turned out exactly how the owner and the manager had requested. The owner praised his manager on hiring the best glass companies in Cranberry Township, which was Excel Glass and Granite.

Wexford Custom Mirror Completes Bathroom Remodel

A customer called Excel Glass and Granite recently because he was just finishing up a bathroom remodel that he was very proud of. He liked the improvements that he made to his fixtures and stonework, but now wanted a specially designed Wexford custom mirror. We told him that would not be a problem, and since then he has called us out again and again for additional glass services.

The Excel Glass and Granite professionals met with the homeowner for a no-obligation consultation. We let the homeowner know that we could provide him with a custom mirror in any size or shape, and he could choose any color he wanted too. He showed us where he wanted the mirror to be located in his bathroom and asked us for any recommendations. The designers showed him a variety of styles that would look great in his bathroom, then the customer order an unframed mirror with a polished edge. We measured the space, then we let the customer know that as soon as the mirror was custom made just for him we would return and install it for him, which our professional installers did. The customer was highly impressed and said that any homeowner in Wexford would appreciate the custom mirror that Excel Glass and Granite provides, because it high quality, customized, and affordable. The customer must have really enjoyed his Wexford custom mirror, because our team has provided him replacement windows and a custom glass table top for his coffee table since the first project was completed.

Mt. Lebanon Vanity Mirror Set Up for Broadcast Professional

A local journalist had gotten a job recently doing some on air broadcasting, and the journalist needed to have a Mt. Lebanon vanity mirror to make sure her appearance would be kept up consistently. It was very important that it was built with solid craftsmanship, because she saw it as a necessity for work. She called Excel Glass and Granite to do the mirror, and did not regret her decision.

The Excel Glass and Granite experts met with the journalist at her condo. She showed us where she would like to have the vanity mirror, then she also described a few specifications she wanted for the mirror. One of the specifications was that she wanted it in a color that would match the space and she also wanted lights around the mirror. This was for when she was doing her makeup and hair, which needed to be done precisely and with good lighting. We measured the space, then asked the customer if that was the size that she wanted. She approved of the size, then we showed her a few of the color choices that would look great in her space. The Excel Glass and Granite team let the customer know that as soon as her custom vanity mirror was built we would return and install it for her, which we did a week later. We installed it for the customer and when she sat in front of it she said she has the best vanity mirror in Mt. Lebanon, thanks to Excel Glass and Granite.

New and Refreshing Greensburg Shower Enclosures Makes for a Great Gift

A local carpenter’s wife would go on frequent business trips. He wanted to surprise his wife by updating the shower, so he called Excel Glass and Granite to do an excellent install on a new Greensburg shower enclosure. The husband wanted this done before his wife returned home, which was within two weeks. The Excel Glass and Granite team met with the customer at his home so we could look over the current shower and provide him with different options.

The Excel Glass and Granite team arrived at the Greensburg residence, and we were shown the bathroom. The homeowner explained that he wanted the shower enclosure to be luxurious, easy to clean, and attractive. Our team showed him a variety of enclosures and he selected the one that he thought his wife would fall in love with. We scheduled the installation to begin two days later and our team arrived to start the project as scheduled. The team removed the old shower enclosure, then installed the new one for the customer. When we were finished the customer said it looked great! The customer said that it really updated the bathroom and now the bathroom looks more airy and sophisticated. That customer contacted us a few days ago to let us know his wife arrived home and walked into the bathroom and was pleasantly surprised. She said that the new shower looked very nice. The customer said he is happy that he called Excel Glass and Granite to provide him with the best shower enclosure Greensburg homeowners would appreciate.

Studio Calls in the Most Professional of Pittsburgh Glass Companies

Recently, Excel Glass and Granite was contacted by a film production company in Pittsburgh. The film production company wanted to have some glass dividing walls installed in the studio for both function and style. They called one of the best Pittsburgh glass companies recommended to them, which was Excel Glass and Granite.

The Excel Glass and Granite crew met with the owners at their company and the owners showed us where they wanted the glass diving walls. We measured the space, then asked the owners if they would like their company logo anywhere on the walls to personalize their walls, which they did. The owners didn’t know that we could customize their glass dividers for them. They gave us their company’s logo and showed us where they would like the logo located. The crew let the owners know that as soon as we custom made their glass dividing walls, then we would call them to schedule the installation. The Excel Glass and Granite specialists went to work customizing the glass dividers and when they had them completed our professional installers returned to the Pittsburgh company for the installation. Our installers were scheduled to install the dividers on Saturday, because all of their staff members were off work on that day and we could work. The crew got the glass wall dividers installed and the owners of the film production was highly impressed. They said that they were very pleased with the final product that we provided for them and are thrilled that they called Excel Glass and Granite, because we are indeed the best glass company in Pittsburgh.

Greensburg Bathroom Mirrors Installed as Quality Replacement

A Greensburg man had accidentally cased a huge crack in his Greenburg bathroom mirror one afternoon. He was cleaning the bathroom and when he started to Windex the mirror he pressed too hard on the surface that a massive crack formed, so he went to Excel Glass and Granite for a higher quality replacement, because he didn’t want this to happen again in the future.

Since the man was a bachelor the size of the mirror didn’t really matter very much to him, but when he browsed through our selection of mirrors and saw the great prices and quality work he decided to splurge a bit and get a bigger mirror. The customer selected the mirror and the size that he wanted and the Excel Glass and Granite team custom made the bathroom mirror. Our crew went out to the Greensburg residence and installed the mirror for the customer. When the customer saw the mirror in place he did not regret the choice he made. He said it looked great! He said he was thrilled that he contacted Excel Glass and Granite for quality bathroom mirrors Greensburg homeowners would appreciate. The customer said that the mirror makes his bathroom look much larger than it actually is and really sets the space off perfectly. The customer was so pleased with the mirror that he received from Excel Glass and Granite that he is planning on having an even larger one added over his couch in his living room.

Pittsburgh Commercial Glass Doors in Pittsburgh for Furniture Store

A Pittsburgh furniture store bought the neighboring space and the store’s owner needed the windows redone. He wanted the windows of the new space to have quality glass doors installed, then the name of the furniture store added to the glass. The current glass windows that was in the space were not stable and they even had a small crack in it, so the owner decided to call Excel Glass and Granite for the best commercial glass doors Pittsburgh has available. He was not going to risk the glass shattering and possibly injuring a customer that was visiting the establishment.

We met with the owner of the furniture store and he showed us the glass doors that were in the current space. He said that he wanted the glass totally removed. He did not want the glass repaired. We measured the glass doors, then returned a few days later to install the new glass doors. It took the crew a few hours to get the new doors installed and they made the new space look a thousand times better. The customer said he was highly impressed with the new doors. He said that he was convinced that he called the best commercial glass door provider Pittsburgh business owners could depend upon and trust, which was Excel Glass and Granite. He said that Excel Glass and Granite went above and beyond to make sure that the commercial glass doors were exactly what we wanted and needed.

Sewickley Bathroom Mirrors for Graphic Designer!

A couple of weeks ago, Excel Glass and Granite was contacted by a graphic designer in Sewickley. The graphic designer had gotten a huge amount of freelance work recently and decided to put that money into a bathroom remodel. One of her biggest concerns was some Sewickley bathroom mirrors that would cover two walls. She wanted custom, quality work, so she called Excel Glass and Granite.

The Excel Glass and Granite designers met with the Sewickley homeowner and she showed the designers her bathroom that was being remodeled. She emphasized that she wanted only quality work done for the bathroom mirrors. She selected the design that she wanted and our designers let her know that she would only receive the highest quality of mirrors, because our company custom makes each mirror to meet the customer’s specifications and requests. They measured the area and got the size that the customer wanted, then let her know that as soon as her mirrors were made that we would return to install them in her new bathroom. Once they were done our professional installers returned to the home and installed the custom mirrors for the customer. She looked them over very carefully and said these are the best bathroom mirrors I have ever seen. The customer said she was impressed with the quality and detail that went into her mirrors and was very pleased she called the bathroom mirrors experts in Sewickley, because Excel Glass and Granite exceeded her expectations.