Cranberry Custom Mirror Built for Artists

We received a call from a Cranberry Township dance studio owner. The owner called Excel Glass and Granite to see about having a custom sized mirror installed on one wall of their studio. The dance instructors noticed that their students footwork and posture wasn’t improving like they wanted it to. Those instructors told the owner that if they could have a mirror that would focus on these areas, then their students would improve drastically. They also remarked that if the students were good dancers, then that would possibly draw in other children to enroll at the dance studio. They concluded that an investment in more practice space amenities could increase revenue for the business. The owner agreed and called the specialists for a custom mirror in Cranberry township, Excel Glass and Granite.

We met with the customer at the studio, and he showed us where he wanted the mirror to be located in the studio and the height he wanted it to be cut to. He wanted it waist high for the students, and on only one side of the studio. He explained that he wanted to be sure the students could focus on their feet only, and improve their form. Excel Glass took the measurements, and we crafted the mirror. Our professional team installed the custom mirror, and it was exactly what the customer and instructors wanted. It was the perfect height for all the students. The owner said he is elated that he contacted the custom mirror Cranberry Township dancers would appreciate. The dancer’s footwork is improving, and they are all improving with their dance lessons thanks to Elite Glass and Granite’s custom mirror.