What are the differences between frameless shower door vs. a framed?

The main difference between frameless shower door vs. a framed shower door is the frameless shower door has no metal frame around the glass. A frameless shower door is made up of a thicker tempered safety glass, which is much stronger than the framed shower door. The thickness is 3/8” to 1/2″. The price is generally cheaper for a frameless shower door, too.

A frameless glass shower door is easier to clean because there is no frame that you have to clean around; it is all glass. There isn’t any metal that soap scum and debris can get caught on and around, which means the frameless shower door is easier to clean and maintain. A frameless shower door adds beauty to any bathroom, and it offers an invisible floating appeal to the shower. This is an excellent choice to show off your tile or stone walls because they can be seen with ease. The frameless doors can open in or out and a framed shower door can only swing out.

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