Emergency Shower Door Replacement in Pittsburgh

A customer in Pittsburgh called Excel Glass for an emergency shower door repair. She let us know that her current shower door fell off the hinges and she needed new doors installed as soon as possible. The Excel Glass crew arrived as soon as we could and looked over the situation. Her current shower doors were nearly thirty years old and just worn out. The hinges had some water damage, which contributed to one of the doors falling and breaking.

The crew went over many options with the customer and the shower doors that she selected were available immediately. We prepped the shower walls, then began the installation. Once the job was completed, we informed her that she could inspect our work. She said the shower doors looked fabulous! She thanked us for coming out so quickly and getting the new shower doors installed fast.

We called her a week later to see how the shower doors were and to get feedback. She said, “they are absolutely great!” The customer went on to say, “your crew did an amazing job. Each one of them worked in a professional manner. I can’t thank you and your crew enough for coming out so fast when I needed you the most. Thank you.”

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