Frameless Shower Door FAQ’s

Made of tempered safety glass, a frameless shower enclosure is strong enough to stand on its own without metal framing around the shower door. Glass experts use from ½ to ⅜ inch thick glass that’s been specially treated for strength and durability to create a custom glass shower door of this type. This thick glass stands up well and provides smooth opening and closing with no wobble seen in cheaper framed shower doors. Let’s consider some factors homeowners need to think about when choosing a frameless shower door.

How much does a frameless glass shower door cost?

Cost is one of the foremost issues on any homeowner’s mind when they’re considering any interior home improvement, especially with new custom glass shower door. Frameless shower doors can be cheaper than many think, though, with price ranging from $550 to $1,500 nationally. Factors that affect the cost of a frameless glass shower door include the thickness and type of safety glass used in the door.

What is the best thickness for a glass shower door?

One of the reasons glass shower doors can be made without a metal frame is that the glass is thick enough to stand on its own and strong enough to withstand use. That said, the thickness of the glass affects your budget and design. Thinner glass panels at 3/8ths inch wide will be lighter, putting less stress on hinges and hardware and leading to a longer lifespan, but they can also be less likely to withstand an impact. Half inch thick glass panels are more sturdy and durable, but may not be necessary with a smaller, well-supported shower enclosure.

What is the best glass for frameless shower doors?

The thickness of glass matters, but so does the type of glass. The best material is tempered glass, which is glass that’s been heated and then rapidly cooled. Tempering makes the glass stronger and changes the shape of the fragments, making them more rounded and safer. A cheaper but less durable option is laminated glass, which is two glass panels with a clear vinyl sheet in the middle to prevent shattering.

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