Granite Cleaning

Use No abrasive cleaners including soft scrub. Clean with mild anti-bacterial soap and warm water for every day type of use.

Hot pans can be placed on surface with no harm to tops.  Granite is very resistant to heat/be careful not to drag pan on granite.

Recommended use is a cutting board. If you spill (ie. wine, oils, hot or cold liquids, etc.) blot up with a paper towel.  Granite is not stain or scratch proof, but is very resistant.

We have sealed your top at time of installation and recommend that you Re-seal your granite 1 or 2 times a year with a stone/cleaner/sealer. Apply with a soft cloth (2 to 3 ft. areas) let dry and buff with cloth – A little goes a long way. This cleaner/sealer should last you for a few years of applications.
Remember your granite top is “one of a kind”- with a little basic care and maintenance, it will last forever.