Greensburg Bathroom Mirrors Installed as Quality Replacement

A Greensburg man had accidentally cased a huge crack in his Greenburg bathroom mirror one afternoon. He was cleaning the bathroom and when he started to Windex the mirror he pressed too hard on the surface that a massive crack formed, so he went to Excel Glass and Granite for a higher quality replacement, because he didn’t want this to happen again in the future.

Since the man was a bachelor the size of the mirror didn’t really matter very much to him, but when he browsed through our selection of mirrors and saw the great prices and quality work he decided to splurge a bit and get a bigger mirror. The customer selected the mirror and the size that he wanted and the Excel Glass and Granite team custom made the bathroom mirror. Our crew went out to the Greensburg residence and installed the mirror for the customer. When the customer saw the mirror in place he did not regret the choice he made. He said it looked great! He said he was thrilled that he contacted Excel Glass and Granite for quality bathroom mirrors Greensburg homeowners would appreciate. The customer said that the mirror makes his bathroom look much larger than it actually is and really sets the space off perfectly. The customer was so pleased with the mirror that he received from Excel Glass and Granite that he is planning on having an even larger one added over his couch in his living room.