How do I know the Installation was done correctly?

Having glass shower doors and hand railings should be installed by a professional installer. The contractor should have experience, be licensed, and insured. The installer should come to your home and measure the area to get the precise measurements. There should be no guessing when it comes to installing glass shower doors and hand railings; it is essential to have precise measurements. The installer should use the correct type of caulk for the installation with the glass shower doors. The caulk should be mildew resistant, translucent, and non-shrinking, because you don’t want to see the caulk, and you want to be able to clean it. The installer should have the ability to cut the glass shower doors to fit precisely.

Once the glass shower doors or hand railings are installed, the glass shower doors should open and close with ease. Customers should never have to force the shower doors to close. They should fit perfectly, so when the customer is taking a shower, no water will leak at all. The installation should be free of any unattractive gaskets. The glass hand railings should be installed without any notice of screws, bolts or caulk.

When the installation is complete, then the customer should have beauty in their space that is free from any flaws. This is how you know you have received the proper installation. Excel Glass prides on providing quality craftsmanship and installation for every installation. We offer a guarantee on all our installations.

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