How long do I have to wait to use my shower door/enclosure, or railing after it is installed?

If you have just had new glass shower doors installed or an enclosure, then we recommend that you wait twenty-four hours to use your shower. This time is required, so the silicone will cure properly, and this will give it plenty of time to dry completely.

When glass railings are installed, they can be used immediately as long as they are not touched. If you have glass railings installed on staircases, then you are able to use the stairs, but try to refrain from using the railings for twenty-four hours. This will give the silicone and caulking enough time to dry and harden. The glass railings should not be touched during this time period, to avoid tilting the glass or setting improperly.

At Excel Glass, we try to make it a simple, and quick process for our customers. We want your glass doors and railings to last, and waiting twenty four hours will ensure durability, strength and a long life.

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