Mom Splurges on Greensburg Shower Glass Frameless Set-Up That She Loves!

Excel Glass and Granite was contacted by a mother in Greensburg. The devoted mom had finally sent her youngest child to college. Now, that she had more time on her hands she decided to get a more luxurious bathroom setup with elegant Greensburg frameless shower glass. She had been wanting a luxurious bathroom for many years, but had always put off the remodel. When her youngest child headed off for college she figured she should treat herself and to do so she was going to get that bathroom that she had always dreamed of having.

The Excel Glass and Granite staff showed the lady the variety of frameless shower doors that would look great in her bathroom. We told her the benefits of having this type of shower doors, which pleased her even more. She ordered her doors and when they arrived our staff went out to the Greensburg home to install them for the customer. She was very anxious to get them installed. When the staff had them installed the homeowner came in and almost looked upset. The staff asked her if these were the wrong shower doors, and she replied no. The customer said they are more beautiful than I expected. She said that she received the best shower glass frameless Greensburg homeowners would truly appreciate. She said she waited a very long time for this bathroom upgrade and it was well worth the wait thanks to Excel Glass and Granite.