Mt. Lebanon Vanity Mirror Set Up for Broadcast Professional

A local journalist had gotten a job recently doing some on air broadcasting, and the journalist needed to have a Mt. Lebanon vanity mirror to make sure her appearance would be kept up consistently. It was very important that it was built with solid craftsmanship, because she saw it as a necessity for work. She called Excel Glass and Granite to do the mirror, and did not regret her decision.

The Excel Glass and Granite experts met with the journalist at her condo. She showed us where she would like to have the vanity mirror, then she also described a few specifications she wanted for the mirror. One of the specifications was that she wanted it in a color that would match the space and she also wanted lights around the mirror. This was for when she was doing her makeup and hair, which needed to be done precisely and with good lighting. We measured the space, then asked the customer if that was the size that she wanted. She approved of the size, then we showed her a few of the color choices that would look great in her space. The Excel Glass and Granite team let the customer know that as soon as her custom vanity mirror was built we would return and install it for her, which we did a week later. We installed it for the customer and when she sat in front of it she said she has the best vanity mirror in Mt. Lebanon, thanks to Excel Glass and Granite.