Pittsburgh Custom Mirror for Budding Socialite

Excel Glass and Granite was contacted by a home décor enthusiast recently. The home décor enthusiast loved to decorate her Pittsburgh home. She worked hard at providing unique home decorations in each room of her house and her friends were always in awe. She wanted a Pittsburgh custom mirror with specific moldings for her foyer. She wanted the custom mirror to be the first and last thing her guests would see during a party or social gathering, so she called us and our team at Excel Glass and Granite assured her that any mirror she requested was in our wheelhouse.

The Excel Glass and Granite mirror specialists met with the customer for several reasons. One is to see where the mirror was going to be located and to obtain dimensions so we could provide a precise size that would be the focal point of the foyer, then we wanted to get the customer’s special requests so we could provide her with the custom mirror that she had us personally design for her. We got the measurements and the requests, then our team built the custom mirror for the customer. Our professional installers arrived at the home and they installed the mirror for the customer. The mirror was exactly what the customer had envisioned for her foyers. She said she had planned a gathering that weekend so she could show off her new mirror. She called us back the following week to let us know that her guests loved the mirror, so she told him to contact Excel Glass and Granite and we could provide them with a custom mirror Pittsburgh homeowners would be proud to display.