Shower Door Glass in Murrysville Stands Strong

Excel Glass and Granite received an urgent call from a Murrysville resident. The Murrysville resident was a bodybuilder. He had just finished hours of working out in the gym and came home to wash himself off after his hard work out. When he closed his flimsy shower door too hard it shattered dangerously all over the bathroom. Thankfully it was just a fiberglass piece that didn’t end up being dangerous. It did show our new customer that he didn’t really know his own strength. He called Excel Glass and Granite for the best Murrysville shower door glass and told them he needed it to be strong, dependable and safe.

The Excel Glass and Granite team went to the home that same afternoon. We took measurements to ensure a perfectly fitted shower door. The customer decided to have a frameless shower door installed and we showed him the different styles that we offered. Once the shower door was ready our team returned to perform the installation. The bodybuilder was impressed on the sturdiness and strength that the frameless shower doors had to offer, and that it made his bathroom look one hundred times better. He said that Excel Glass and Granite delivered exactly what he was looking for while making the process super easy. He went on to say that he will let his fellow bodybuilders know who the shower door glass specialists in Murrysville are. It was our pleasure to help another happy customer with all of their glass needs.