Shower Door in Murrysville Makes Life Grand

Excel Glass and Granite was contacted a few weeks ago by a Murrysville nurse. The Murrysville nurse finally took some time off for a vacation. She hadn’t had a vacation in quite some time, and she decided no matter what she was going to go away with a couple of friends to relax, do some shopping, and just have a fun time. She arrived at the resort hotel, and when she entered her room she was blown away by the bathroom in the room that she had booked. She was so impressed with the bathroom that she started taking pictures of the bathroom with her phone, because she had decided right then that she was going to upgrade her shower fixture at home. When she arrived back home she started on her own bathroom, but that simple project and upgrade that she planned to do herself had quickly turned into a full remodel. She knew she needed help with hr Murrysville shower door glass, so she called Excel Glass and Granite to complete her dream bathroom.

Excel Glass and Granite met with the nurse, and she showed us the shower door pictures that she had taken at the resort. She wanted a frameless shower door. Excel Glass and Granite had many options for her to choose from, and she picked the one she wanted. Our qualified techs installed the shower door, which completed her bathroom remodel. She was jubilant to see the completion of her bathroom with the shower door Murrysville homeowners can trust.