Storefront Glass in Greensburg Refreshed Front Display

A wig shop in Greensburg had extremely dirty glass with tons of scratches and chips. No matter what the employees and owner did to clean the glass it always looked unkempt. The owner of the shop was embarrassed with the look of the storefront glass, because it made the store look dirty and she was afraid that any possible customers that walked by the shop would just continue to walk on, because the effect on the appearance was so severe. The time came when they finally decided to get new Greensburg storefront glass to show off their products. They called us, and we gave them an estimate after taking measurements. We then went ahead with the job once they agreed on the price.

The Excel Glass and Granite experts created the glass and once it was ready our professional installers returned to the shop to install the glass. The entire staff was anxiously awaiting for the glass to be put in, because they were all tired of trying to get the old one clean and polished. Our installers had the new glass installed and the owner looked over it and then she clapped her hands and said, “I love it”. She said she can now put her stock of wigs in the storefront window and be proud of the display because Excel Glass and Granite provided her with the best storefront glass Greensburg could offer. Excel Glass and Granite was pleased that we could make this staff happy by just doing what we do best and that is providing quality glass and granite.