How strong is the glass? Will it shatter?

Excel Glass provides strong, durable glass. We use 3/8” glass for our frameless shower doors. The glass is a tempered, which is the only type of glass that is by law designed for glass shower doors. It will never break into sharp pieces, but if by chance it does break, it will break into small oval pieces, which is much safer. The tempered shower glass goes through a special process of extreme heating, then cooling; this is done to make the glass stronger. The tempered glass is five time stronger than regular glass, and is why it is recommended for shower doors.

Excel Glass offers the tempered shower glass doors with different options, which include bronze, cast, bubbles, satin, and rain, ice and grey options. We also let our customers design their very own tempered shower glass doors.

The shower glass doors will only shatter if they are drilled into or if there is extreme heat in the space, such as a home fire. The extreme heat can make the shower doors shatter. Customers don’t have to worry about their shower doors shattering for any other reason. Every day normal use will have no shattering effect on the shower doors, because of the extreme process that goes into creating the shower doors.

Excel Glass offers outstanding shower doors that are durable, strong, and shatter-proof. Contact Excel Glass and let us go over the many options that we offer in our glass. If you would like more information on our glass options and services, click here!