Students Wisely Invests in Greenburg Vanity Mirror

A student at the local cosmetic arts school in Greenburg decided she needed to get really serious with her school work. She was doing fairly well in terms of getting good grades, but she didn’t feel like she was adequately prepared to be a true professional. She wanted more experience working with real customers so she decided that to invest in a vanity mirror Greenburg women would be impressed with. this way she could practice her craft on her family and friends. She contacted Elite Glass and Granite to inquire about a vanity mirror.

She met with the Elite Glass and Granite team, and explained to them the type of mirror she wanted. From her description we were able to determine a design. We took some measurements at her space and were then able to craft a vanity mirror for her. Once the mirror was made, we installed it for the student. She started practicing on her family and friends, and became very good. She recently graduated, then partnered with a local glamour photographer because her skills became so advanced through dedicated practice. The cosmetologist is in high spirits and owes all her success to an early investment in a great Greenburg vanity mirror. She said she would not be where she is today had she not contacted Excel Glass to help her dedicate more time to practicing and studying.