Studio Calls in the Most Professional of Pittsburgh Glass Companies

Recently, Excel Glass and Granite was contacted by a film production company in Pittsburgh. The film production company wanted to have some glass dividing walls installed in the studio for both function and style. They called one of the best Pittsburgh glass companies recommended to them, which was Excel Glass and Granite.

The Excel Glass and Granite crew met with the owners at their company and the owners showed us where they wanted the glass diving walls. We measured the space, then asked the owners if they would like their company logo anywhere on the walls to personalize their walls, which they did. The owners didn’t know that we could customize their glass dividers for them. They gave us their company’s logo and showed us where they would like the logo located. The crew let the owners know that as soon as we custom made their glass dividing walls, then we would call them to schedule the installation. The Excel Glass and Granite specialists went to work customizing the glass dividers and when they had them completed our professional installers returned to the Pittsburgh company for the installation. Our installers were scheduled to install the dividers on Saturday, because all of their staff members were off work on that day and we could work. The crew got the glass wall dividers installed and the owners of the film production was highly impressed. They said that they were very pleased with the final product that we provided for them and are thrilled that they called Excel Glass and Granite, because we are indeed the best glass company in Pittsburgh.