Teenage Daughter Loves New Bathroom Mirrors in Wexford

A single father had been wanting to renovate his bathroom for some time. The bathroom hadn’t been updated since he had moved there, but with working all the time, and raising a teenage daughter he just never had the time nor the money to tackle the bathroom project. His teenage daughter wanted a bigger mirror in the bathroom. The current mirror was small and old. She had been pestering her father for months and months, just as teenage girls usually do. Finally, he gave in and decided to at least have the bathroom mirror redone, and he called Excel Glass and Granite to see what type of bathroom mirrors Wexford residents were putting in their homes.

Excel Glass and Granite let the father know that we offered framed and unframed custom mirrors. We have the largest selection of bathroom mirrors Wexford residents could even imagine. We could add polished edges, rounded corners, or even create a colored mirror to match the décor of the bathroom. The home design consultation met with the father and daughter to go over bathroom mirror choices, and to see what type of mirror would best benefit the bathroom. The mirror choice was selected, then when it was custom made the Excel Glass installers returned to the home to install it. After the bathroom mirror was installed the daughter was jumping up and down because she was so happy, and the dad was pleased that he made his daughter happy with the beauty that the mirror provided for the bathroom.