What are some ways I can prevent soap and water from staining my glass?

If you have glass shower doors then you probably want them to shine just like they did when you first had them installed. Over time, soap and water spots can start to stain glass shower doors. Soap scum is a major problem for glass shower doors. It is a white build-up that occurs and is a combination of shampoo, soap, body wash, and hard water. When these components dry on the shower glass doors, it is very noticeable. To prevent soap scum and water stains on shower glass doors, immediately after the shower has been used, rinse the glass doors off with clean water, then squeegee the shower doors. This will keep water stains from appearing, and keep soap scum from building up.

White vinegar is another great way to prevent soap and water stains on glass shower doors. An easy way to use white vinegar is to take it and wet a sponge, then wipe down the shower doors. Let it sit on the shower doors for approximately five minutes, then rinse the doors clean. It only takes a few minutes, and this can be done once a week when you thoroughly clean your bathroom. Vinegar is great for adding shine to the shower doors, too! яндекс

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