Wexford Custom Mirror Completes Bathroom Remodel

A customer called Excel Glass and Granite recently because he was just finishing up a bathroom remodel that he was very proud of. He liked the improvements that he made to his fixtures and stonework, but now wanted a specially designed Wexford custom mirror. We told him that would not be a problem, and since then he has called us out again and again for additional glass services.

The Excel Glass and Granite professionals met with the homeowner for a no-obligation consultation. We let the homeowner know that we could provide him with a custom mirror in any size or shape, and he could choose any color he wanted too. He showed us where he wanted the mirror to be located in his bathroom and asked us for any recommendations. The designers showed him a variety of styles that would look great in his bathroom, then the customer order an unframed mirror with a polished edge. We measured the space, then we let the customer know that as soon as the mirror was custom made just for him we would return and install it for him, which our professional installers did. The customer was highly impressed and said that any homeowner in Wexford would appreciate the custom mirror that Excel Glass and Granite provides, because it high quality, customized, and affordable. The customer must have really enjoyed his Wexford custom mirror, because our team has provided him replacement windows and a custom glass table top for his coffee table since the first project was completed.